Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Why I Started a Blog on Lean-A way of life?


I have just started this blog on Lean tools and techniques to be employed in our daily life. I have a background of Industrial Engineering and now I am doing a job in an organization to implement and teach lean tools.

When I was doing Industrial Engineering, back in my university days, All of our class fellows started implementing IE tools in daily life and all of a sudden we were changed. Started to think of better way of doing things in our daily life. We changed our usual way of breakfast, lunch and dinner. We started to organize things, implementing 5S, drawing process charts for our activities whether we are going to bath room to take shower or going out for soccer, our every thing was based on the scientific management principles. We started to calculate timing of our different activities and developed standard times for shopping, Taking shower, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. We eliminated a lot of waste activities from these processes. And the most important thing every one keep on thinking to improve the existing process. So that was a great inspiration for me to think about implementing Lean Tools in our daily life.

Below are some of the reasons to start this blog.

I wanted a waste free world

When I looked around, Our earth is heavily damaged and sucked, There is little remaining in it. If we continue to extract, every thing will be finished. The people are wasting resources instead of gaining the full potential and still not thinking to improve their way of working. So this blog would be a medium of communication with those people who unintentionally wasting resources and never think about it.

To develop a team

As you know, Team work divides the effort and multiply the results. In order to accomplish dream of waste free world, a team is required so this blog is a good platform for the team formation. And one of the most important thing is that we are not bounded by the countries and we can form a cross country team to do something for earth and our coming generations.

To spread Lean knowledge and learn from others experiences

Heart of the blog is this statement. We can not bring change until we first educate people about change and teach them some tools and techniques. So, we will be learning, teaching and implementing lean tools and techniques to make this world a waste free world. We will start to change our attitude towards the small things which we are wasting on daily basis and polluting our earth. We will start to devise new, efficient and less polluting ways of doing our routine jobs. And believe me this would be a deed of kindness which will pay you back very soon.

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