Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Top most sectors to implement Lean

Lean Manufacturing

Lean is a beautiful philosophy, set of tools and a general guidance. It has changed the fortune of many industries, from a really bad situation it makes an organization the best in the world. What so ever is the problem, it has a very simple, doable and result oriented solutions. Toyota Motors emerges from the ashes of second world war and becomes the top automobile company of the world. This company is on the move for continuous improvement, even the global recession wasn't able to affect it. The only reason behind this success is Toyota production system which is based on Lean. As an industrial success this system can be utilized in every day life and different sectors. Some of them are as below:


Lean tools can be effectively used in hospitals for an ever improving service to its patients. Patient and doctor interface can be dramatically improved. Patients waiting time can be reduced. Hospital operating procedures can be made fool proof and patient friendly, leaving no room for mishap or clinical accidents. No of paramedical staff required for a certain load of patients can be effectively calculated and deputed accordingly. And the concept of continuous improvement can make a hospital a world class success regarding patient safety.


Education is also a basic right for a human being but now a day its really difficult to find a good educational path. There are thousand of scholarships for the students but still millions of students across the glob are suffering from poor education. Educational system should be transparent and easily accessible. So if we require improvement in the current educational system then the best is to implement lean tools.

Food and agriculture:

One can't neglect the importance of this sector. Food is the basic necessity of life and agriculture is the source of food. If we analyze the supply chain of food and agriculture, there is 30% to 50% wastage. Lean is meant to reduce and eliminate wastages so, this sector is also waiting for lean.


Lean is best suitable to improve a Governmental structure. There is much room for improvement here. As Toyota Motors is a world class success by following Lean, any Government could become world's best by doing the same. In this regard, cultural aspect of lean is very important because implementation of lean requires a change of mind set. All the problems today we are facing in society can be resolved automatically by the implementation of Lean in Governmental setups.

In the comming post I'l continue with this topic.

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