Sunday, 18 November 2012

Beliefs of the Lean History Makers Part 2

This is the second part of Believes of the Lean History Makers.

Divine Wind:

Divine wind was also a strong belief in Japanese culture. It is also known as "Kamikaze" in Japanese language. They belief that some miracle will save them from odd and difficult situations. They have to do nothing, just stick to the old culture and mind there own business. They don't have to interact with any one. No trade is required with other countries.

How this belief developed?

It was a great event which took place around 1273. Kublai Khan's forces attacked Japan. The battle was fought by the Japanese very bravely the whole day. At the night time the fight stopped, now the Japanese were filled with horror of defeat the next morning. But a miracle happened, A wind blown across the sea and devastated the forces of Kublai Khan. In the morning, Japanese were stunned to see their enemies condition just a few left, all the ships were broken. Japanese were very happy about this miracle.
After 7 years the Kublai Khan again sent his army to conquer Japan with even more ships and soldiers. This time when Japanese come to know that thousands of ships are to attack Japan, they were sure about their defeat. They fought well in the day time and kept the attacker out of Japan. At night they started praying and were terrified. Surprisingly a wind again blown and destroyed the forces of Kublai Khan.
After these incidents Japanese felt that no one could conquer them. There is a divine wind which is there to save them.