Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beliefs of Lean History Makers

History of Lean Manufacturing?

Can you imagine below mentioned beliefs belongs to a nation which is going to create a history for the rest of the world to follow, A great history of Lean History Makers.

Who were samurai?

The warriors were known as the samurai. They were proud of their weapon was a sword. They have superiority over the common man. In short the powers belongs to political and military leaders.

Not embracing the new technology

The Portuguese seafarers introduced guns to the Japanese, they quickly taken them to use in battles but soon they realized that there is no honor in using gun. Any body could shoot gun, a child, a coward or a dishonorable person. But sword fighting was a great skill. They declared guns are inappropriate. So the demand for gun decreased and swords increased. They believe in the old traditions and strict to their own business, not interested in western culture and advancements. In short they were the fundamentalist, contented and satisfied with their current situation and they thought they were perfect and they require no advancement. Further more they believe in divine wind which will be discussed in the coming post.

Sunday, 21 October 2012

How can I help save the Earth by Using Lean Tools

How can I help save the Earth

As we are using Lean Manufacturing tools to save our earth. Here we will discuss the main step to achieve our goal.

Open up your eyes

The key to achieve results in this case and most of others is "observation". So make your observation strong. Observation leads to clarification of thoughts and shows the true picture. We are living in an apparent world. We are unaware of so many things that we feel satisfied with the current situation. So open up your eyes to see the real situation. You need a power of vision. A vision to see beyond the bright lights and racing automobiles.

Start Learning Lean Tools

Lean tools are one of the excellent strategies on earth to date for a success in business. These were initiated and adopted by Toyota motors and see where it is now. Now a days Lean Tools have become a recipe for success in almost each sector. Thousands of companies are implementing and thousands other are about to start. So this is the best way to save our earth. Now the question is "How to Learn Lean Tools?" Its pretty easy job as mentioned below

3 Easy steps to Learn Lean Tools

1. History of Lean

This step is very important in Learning, it will lead you to the depth of the tools and their evolution. It will give you the insight of the feelings attached to specific tools. By going through the history, you will have a confidence during the implementation phase and it would be really easy for you to relate a particular situation to its historical context. Finally you will find a positive change in yourself, may be you can call it positive energy. In the coming posts I am going to start history of Lean, so stay tuned.

2. Knowledge of Lean Tools

There are numerous Lean Tools having practical implementation. This step is pretty vital, as here basic concepts are going to be developed so these concepts must go in right direction otherwise it would be dangerous to implement these tools with a false concept but I assure if have gone through the history in detail then there is no way to have a false concept. These tools will also be shared after the "history of Lean".

3. Implementation of Lean Tools

There is a saying "Knowing is not enough, we must apply". This is exactly what we need to do. Not only after acquiring all the knowledge but in between just after the first tool you learn immediately start implementing it. This will also be shared after the "Knowledge of Lean Tools"