Sunday, 28 October 2012

Beliefs of Lean History Makers

History of Lean Manufacturing?

Can you imagine below mentioned beliefs belongs to a nation which is going to create a history for the rest of the world to follow, A great history of Lean History Makers.

Who were samurai?

The warriors were known as the samurai. They were proud of their weapon was a sword. They have superiority over the common man. In short the powers belongs to political and military leaders.

Not embracing the new technology

The Portuguese seafarers introduced guns to the Japanese, they quickly taken them to use in battles but soon they realized that there is no honor in using gun. Any body could shoot gun, a child, a coward or a dishonorable person. But sword fighting was a great skill. They declared guns are inappropriate. So the demand for gun decreased and swords increased. They believe in the old traditions and strict to their own business, not interested in western culture and advancements. In short they were the fundamentalist, contented and satisfied with their current situation and they thought they were perfect and they require no advancement. Further more they believe in divine wind which will be discussed in the coming post.

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