Saturday, 22 September 2012

Top 4 Reasons to Learn Lean tools for individuals

Lean Manufacturing

Lean saves your time, money and makes your life easy.


If you have no knowledge, you can improve it by study. If you have medical problem, you can get it solved by medicine. But if you have lost your time nothing could bring it back. This shows how important time is? Lean focus on eliminating non value adding activities and according to Lean 50% - 95% of the time of any activity is non value adding. The problem is that it is difficult to differentiate between value adding and non value adding activities. Once you have got familiarization with the types of wastages, defined by Lean, you can easily save 50% - 95% of time by eliminating the waste activities(non value adding).


It is one of the most important necessity of life and sometimes it is the only objective of life. Lean thinking provokes you to analyze wastage of money and resources. Important thing is that, with Lean thinking, it would be very easy for you to make decisions regarding money matters. You 'l have solid background/believe in what you are doing. The problem is that, we are not able to know where we are wasting money? Is money being wasted or not? Lean thinking could really change your mindset.

Making life Easy:

There is a saying "A place for every thing and every thing in its place." This is the basic principle of 5S( A Lean Tool). By applying this tool you sort things on basis of need. Items needed and not needed are segregated. Items not needed are sold out or disposed off. Then needed items are arranged in an order depending upon the frequency of usage. A permanent place is assigned to every needed item with its description and a marking around its boundary. After this cleaning is carried out and then cleaning is made a daily habit. By this tool you can got rigid of your old broken furniture, unused racks, old books, digest, magazines, cloths and household items. You can achieve 50% reduction in overall items. Increasing space and cleanliness. Similar operation can be carried out on your office work bench and on you personal computer to achieve the same results-Making life easy for you.

Striving to make the earth a better place:

Natural resources are being consumed at a rapid rate, going towards an end. For example, Oil has reached to its peak value. Fresh under water resources are very limited. Food items production is not increasing at rate at which its consumption is. So where are we going? Going to an end? Yes surely if we didn't wake up individually. Fresh water is limited and still we waste it during tooth brush, shaving , bathing etc. Excessive water for gardening. Extensive car washes. Excessive cleaning and washing of house floor and cloths. These all factors are in our control. Can we save water? This question is up to you. If we analyze food supply chain, there is a huge wastage of 30% to 50%. So there is a great margin of improvement for us. We can reduce all these wastages

Every journey begins with a small step. Small drops of water make mighty oceans. So, start your life in Lean way.

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